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The Resurgence of Pressed Metal

Updated: May 4

It’s no secret that pressed metal plays a role as a key design element in period homes.

A statement of refined taste and elevated social status which gained increasing popularity in

the late1800’s, the use of Australian made pressed metal was introduced as an alternative to

moulded ceilings and cornices, and favoured for its’ durability, relative lightness in weight

and flexibility for design customisation.

“We’ve really seen a resurgence in the popularity of pressed metal. Part of the reason for

this is in step with a renewed popularity for the restoration of period homes, but we’re also

increasingly working with a variety of commercial, retail and residential customers with

newer homes that want to use the unique qualities of pressed metal to make a distinctive

design statement” says Kelly Schipper, from Melbourne Pressed Metal.

The range of uses for pressed metal goes well beyond decorative ceiling installations and

repairs. Spending time with Kelly and her team at Melbourne Pressed Metal in their HQ

located in Lilydale, the possibilities - it seems - are endless for the applications of patterns

pressed into copper, zinc, aluminium and perforated stainless steel.

“We work on the basis of customisation – and enjoy working on some great creative projects

which range from feature walls, hallway dados, veranda, portico and eave linings, fireplace

surrounds, decorative gates/fencing, bedheads, cupboard/door inserts and wainscotting. The

application of pressed metal in kitchen, bathroom, laundry and outdoor

continues to be some of our most popular orders” adds Kelly.

Further customisation of panel designs is added post installation, when professional painters

take the process to the next stage with the application of colour, based on the client’s colour


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