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Our Heatherbrae community often ask us questions about the restoration process and the unique history of the home. 

Why did you cut down the trees/remove a lot of the garden?

We believe in preserving our streetscapes, flora and habitats too!  The 4 trees along Booran Road were unfortunately at risk of falling. There was a fifth one that fell across Booran Road a few years ago and it was lucky no one was injured and no home was permanently damaged. From a safely perspective we had no choice.  In the front garden we had to scrape a metre or more of the soil back towards Neerim Road to prevent water run off from pooling under the house into the foundations and cellars which had been at risk for a number of decades. Thankfully we have engaged experts to help us carefully restore the gardens and habitat in a way that also preserves and celebrates this beautiful, historic home.

Many! War medals, newspapers dating back to February 1880, a completely intact pumpkin seed bottle dated 1866-68 - the only one to have ever been found in Australia, unique bricks from the South Yarra Brick Company, Hawthorn Brickworks and stamped for the 1956 Olympic Games!! At the time of writing we are aware that there is/was a bomb shelter under or near the Moreton Bay Fig Tree and a well somewhere on the property - both yet to be found!

What interesting things have you found during the restoration?

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