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Heatherbrae Talks x Julie and vincent Q/A

May 2024

In this episode, Julie and Vincent share some laughs and reflective moments with co-host, Anne Baker – answering some great Q & A’s provided by Heatherbrae1854’s socials community. Join us for this lively discussion which lifts the lid on their journey of restoration – one year on.

Heatherbrae Talks x edwina bartholomew

April 2024

In this episode, Julie and Edwina Bartholomew - journalist and Channel 7 Sunrise news presenter - discuss the highs and lows of heritage restoration as she and her husband Neil Varcoe take on their latest project - Saltash Farm in Carcour, NSW .

Heatherbrae Talks x Brent Seach

February 2024

In this episode, we’ll be exploring the transformative power of paint, and its' ability to open up a world of colour and texture, with our special guest Brent Seach: Painter, vision translator and Porters Paints guild member.

The Road to Heatherbrae - Pilot

October 2023

In our pilot episode we find out more about the influences and experiences that led Julie and Vincent to Heatherbrae. We also learn how a sliding doors moment made the purchase of this grand Victorian home possible for these two experienced renovators.

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