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Beyond Heatherbrae being occupied as a private residence, Julie Fodera has created Heatherbrae1854 Pty Ltd, a company that will actively seek opportunities to raise funds for local, not for profit organisations aligned with historical preservation, with funds raised through affiliate marketing partnerships and other initiatives.

Heatherbrae’s striking residence will provide a living gallery for artists, designers and makers. It will also deliver a coveted venue for a series of curated events hosted in landscaped gardens, populated with a majestic Moreton Bay Fig (on the protected tree register and thought to be the largest of its kind in Victoria), feature gardens, enchanting pathways and ambient lighting.

At the centre of it all, Heatherbrae and the Fodera family hope to inspire and encourage the broader community to make better choices around preserving heritage homes and sharing stories of our history.

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Heatherbrae1854 employs a team of specialist professionals who operate under the guidance of our core values.


In the realm of heritage protection education is our cornerstone, fostering a deep appreciation for history and ensuring its preservation.


We proudly support community organisations sharing our mission for heritage preservation, safeguarding heritage for generations to come.

Art and Design

Once complete Heatherbrae will be a living gallery for emerging artists, designers, and makers to showcase their talents.


We're dedicated to fostering partnerships with incredible brands to raise funds to support our heritage

mission and create unique experiences and opportunities for our community.

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