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The Journey to Heatherbrae1854

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

When Vincent and Julie Fodera first toured Heatherbrae1854 in 2023, it was with the casual interest of a couple that had owned and renovated many period homes. Back then, they really had their sights set on purchasing a downsizer home by the beach. Love it, lock it up and travel on a whim. Perfect.

Viewing the magnificent property in Caulfield, which had recently gone to market for the first time in 100 years, they were both charmed. Neither could put into words what was the exact moment their hearts and imagination were captured by the majestic property.

Maybe it was the grand Moreton Bay fig tree watching over the home and its sweeping gardens. Perhaps, it was the formality of the house bells in every room, an enduring reminder of the lives once lived in this grand residence?

Or was it the romance of the widow’s walk, which conjured up images of a bygone era where ships were followed to port?

Whatever it was, Julie can clearly remember the drive home with Vincent after that first inspection.

“Heatherbrae1854 was so special. We kind of knew that both of us had one great renovation still ahead of us, and the passion and will to bring a beautiful heritage home back to its’ full splendour.” Says Julie

Ultimately, there have been many things that led Julie and Vincent to Heatherbrae1854, not least of which are a sense of wonder and fascination with heritage architecture and design, a great sense of pride in delivering a legacy project for the Fodera family, and a unique opportunity to give back to the community through the gift of preserving history.

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Photo: Left to right. Suzi Jones and Julie Fodera in conversation in the original Heatherbrae wash house during recording of 'The road to Heatherbrae' pilot podcast.

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